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Chapter 1

Why do people call Tech Support?

For almost two years I answered calls to Intuit Technical Support, listening to the many QuickBooks users who had problems. I found that most calls fell into a few main categories.  While developing this book, I have been an active participant in the CompuServe QuickBooks Forum, where the same needs appear again and again.  By far the largest number of questions involve accounting.  A few users ask for direct accounting advice.  Others seem to be asking about the details of solving accounting problems using QuickBooks With better understanding of the true function of accounting, and of the QuickBooks method of doing accounting, there would be little to question.  People would simply know what to do.

QuickBooks has its own method of accounting, so different that it might be called revolutionary.  Courses in accounting teach debits and credits, but QuickBooks keeps them out of sight.  The essence of accounting is recording the flow of value in your business.  Chapter 2 tells what accounting is really doing, in terms significant to a business owner.  In all of the succeeding chapters, where accounting is involved it comes first, then steps to do the accounting in QuickBooks are explained.

This approach asks you to invest some time to learn (or review) the basics.  Invest is exactly the right word.  Your return should be a better understanding of how the accounting works, and how QuickBooks handles it.  The payback comes in proficiency, in doing the job quickly and getting it right the first time.

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